​1. Applying to Exhibit:

1.1. To take part as an exhibitor you must request an application form.

1.2. Applications are emailed out the first Monday after a show.

1.3. Applications are sent at our discretion.

1.4. We have a maximum of 15 exhibitors per show.

1.5. We have a waiting list of exhibitors for each show, who are sent applications as they near the top of the list.

1.6. The applications must be completed and returned to support@onlinemineralshow.com by the Wednesday after the application is sent.

1.7. Requesting an application does not guarantee you to receive an application form.

1.8. Completing an application form does not guarantee you a place as an exhibitor.

1.9. We reserve the right to reject your application form without notice or reason.

1.10. Exhibitor spaces are allotted on a first-come, first-serve basis, based on the time we receive the application form, via email.

1.11. We have a reserves list which is structured on a first-come, first-serve basis, based on the time we receive the application form via email.

1.12. To be considered as an exhibitor or added to the reserves list, you must complete an application for each show.

1.13. Any exhibitor found to be selling fake items, with or without their knowledge, will be removed from exhibiting and banned from all future shows. 

1.13.1 As an exhibitor it is your responsibility to ensure the items you are selling are genuine. You must be able to provide proof if questioned about the source and genuineness of your items.

1.14. Any verbal, written or physical abuse of the OMAFS team or exhibitors will not be tolerated and may result in the immediate termination of exhibiting and banning of future shows.

1.15. We operate a three strike policy in relation to breaking the terms and conditions. Any decisions to remove exhibitors are made at our discretion and can be made without reason or warning. We reserve the right to waive the three strike policy at our discretion.

​2. Exhibitors Fee:

2.1. The exhibitors' fee is £100 per show. This fee may be changed at our discretion and without prior warning.

2.2. A payment request will be sent to confirm acceptance of your application.

2.3. Confirmation to exhibit will be sent once payment has been made in full.

2.4. Not adhering to the terms and conditions may result in removal from exhibiting without the return of your exhibitors’ fee.

​3. The Stand:

3.1. Your stand must not exceed 180cm x 75cm.

3.2. You may use ONE display case with a maximum of TWO layers.

3.3. All items for sale must be clearly visible in the video.

3.4. All items must be clearly labelled and legible, with at least a product/item number and price.

3.5. In the case of synthetic or manmade items, these must be clearly labelled and identified in the video, as synthetic.

3.6. Any enhancements or repairs must be mentioned otherwise the item can not be listed for sale.

​4. Teasers/ Previews:

4.1. No selling is permitted on the teasers or outside of the live show hours. If any sales are made, your stand will be removed from exhibiting.

4.2. Teaser images will be combined and made into a video.

4.3. There will be a teaser for Saturday, this will be posted on the Friday prior to the show.

4.4. The teaser for Sunday will be posted on Saturday, once the show has closed.

4.5. The images for the Saturday teaser must be sent to support@onlinemineralshow.com by 5pm on the Wednesday prior to the show.

4.6. The images for the Sunday teaser must be sent to support@onlinemineralshow.com by 5pm on the Friday prior to the show.

4.7. If there are not enough teasers received for the Sunday video, individual images will need to be uploaded to the group, ready for approval.

5. The Video:

5.1. Videos must be a minimum of 6 minutes and a maximum of 12 minutes.

5.2. Videos must not exceed more than 1GB due to Facebook regulations.

5.3. Videos may be landscape (16:9) square (1:1) or portrait (9:16).

5.4. Any music used within the videos must be supported under a creative commons or royalty-free licence. It is the responsibility of each exhibitor to ensure they have a legal right to use the music. Any exhibitors found to not have the right to use the music will be removed from exhibiting immediately. 

6. The Post:

6.1. Each post must contain a video and a maximum of 5 supporting images.

6.2. Each post must contain a full price list, which is clear and legible. This must state the item number, item and price.

6.3. The price list should be uploaded as an image(s) on the post. This may be as more than one image and does not count towards the 5 supported images.

6.4. The text for the post must clearly outline payment and shipping details.

6.5. Shipping rates must correspond with UK rates and shipping outside of the UK.

6.6. Videos for the Saturday must be uploaded by 5pm (GMT), the Thursday prior to the show.

6.7. Videos for the Sunday must be uploaded by 5pm (GMT), the Friday prior to the show.

7. Completion of Transactions and Damages:

7.1. If an item is received damaged or broken, you are responsible for resolving this matter.

7.2. It is at your discretion as to whether you offer and exchange or refund, however, if an adequate service is not provided for such issues, we reserve the right to remove you from exhibiting until the matter is resolved.

7.3. All items must be shipped in a timely manner, if not and without good reason; we reserve the right to remove you from OMAFS Group until a satisfactory solution has been achieved. We recommend you send items via a tracked service.

8. Facebook Post Procedures:

8.1. Under no circumstances are competitions permitted. If you run a competition your video will not be approved and you will lose your place.

8.2. Discounts, promotions and/or sales cannot be offered without the prior approval of an admin, however, if it becomes an issue that they are being used to draw sales to your stand and deter other stands, the option for discounts will be removed.

8.3. If you are seen to be using discounts in a negative way or to take sales from another seller, you will have your video stopped for the day.

8.4. You are allowed one post per day. You can post further videos and images in the comments to respond to customer queries, but extra posts featuring videos and images will not be approved to the page.

8.5. You must be active during show hours (10am-5pm GMT). If you are late to the show, or seen to not be responding to customers in a timely manner, your video will be stopped until this matter is resolved. If this persists, you will be unable to continue exhibiting.

8.6. Any verbal, written or physical abuse to our exhibitors is not permitted and will result in the immediate removal and banning from the group. 

8.6.1. Any abuse towards exhibitors must be immediately reported and brought to the attention of the admins and sufficient evidence must be provided before further action can be taken. You are not permitted to remove any abusive comments, without first bringing it to the attention of the admins. 

8.6.2. Admins must be given sufficient time to fully investigate any abusive claims, with the conclusion of admin being final. This must not be reported to Facebook before the admins' have had time to investigate, or without their suggestion. If you are found to have reported the group or member to Facebook before the admins have had a chance to investigate, you will be temporarily removed from the group, pending a full investigation.

8.6.3. Unnecessary reporting of the group or members of the group will result in your immediate removal from the group and banning from future shows.

8.6.4. The results of an abusive investigation are final and not up for discussion. 

8.6.5. We (OMAFS) reserve the right to remove any member or exhibitor from the group indefinitely, without prior warning, discussion or reason.

8.6.6. We (the Online Mineral and Fossil Show) are not responsible and cannot be held liable for any verbal or written abuse that occurs outside of the group (www.facebook.com/groups/omafs). This includes any contact through Facebook Messenger, on shared posts outside the group or any other social media or communication platform. If comments or posts within the group are removed before an admin has seen them, or without sufficient evidence (timed and dated screenshots) being provided to the admin, we are not responsible and cannot be held liable, as we are then unable to fully investigate the matter. We will, however, take any action we feel necessary to protect our members and exhibitors.

9. Marketing for Exhibitors:

9.1. How we will market you:

9.1.1. Included in your fee are a number of advertising and marketing opportunities.

9.1.2. You will be featured on our website at www.onlinemineralshow.com along with a logo and a brief description of what you sell. This will link to your online shop, or social media depending on your preference. (You are required to complete this  information as part of your application form.)

9.1.3. Upon completion of the event, you will have a brand page added to the website that will demonstrate products you sell, a description of your company, links to your website and Facebook and Instagram pages, where appropriate. It will also feature one of your videos from the show. This page will remain active for two weeks after the show finishes. If you wish to remain on the website, this can be arranged at an additional fee.

9.1.4. There is the opportunity to advertise your company on the homepage at an additional cost. If you wish to be featured, please let us know and we will discuss costs and imagery for the advert.

9.1.5. You will be marketed and have your social media accounts linked to in various posts across the Online Mineral and Fossil Show Facebook Page, Facebook group and Instagram.

9.1.6. We will run paid advertisements to increase awareness of the Facebook group.

9.2. How you will market us:

9.2.1. You will be provided with a marketing schedule and images to promote the show. You are required to follow this schedule and market the show as outlined.

9.2.2. You will also be required to ‘tag’ the group in posts where the show is mentioned. Information on how to do this is provided within the marketing pack.

9.2.3. You will be required to post one of your videos from the weekend on your company Facebook page to allow us to link to the video on the website. You are permitted to accept sales from this video and are encouraged to leave it up and running.

9.2.4. You may go above and beyond the schedule provided, this is your choice. The more marketing we do collectively, the larger the customer base will be in the group.


1. We reserve the right to use images and videos provided to market the event. By completing the application form you are agreeing to the use of your images, logo and videos.

2. We reserve the right to run competitions to market the event. All competitions are at the discretion of the Online Mineral Show. We reserve the right to remove or cancel them at any time, without prior notification.

3. You will be required to add one of your videos to your company Facebook Page once the show has closed at 4pm on Sunday. This video will enable you to receive sales, but will also be used on the website to promote you and your company.

Buying During a Show

Each exhibitor is responsible for the sale of their own products.

Each exhibitor must clearly outline the cost of shipping and products to the customer.

Each exhibitor is responsible for ensuring products are posted and delivered in a good condition.

Returns and Refund Policy
  • If an item arrives damaged, you must contact the seller you bought it from immediately and provide adequate evidence the item is damaged or broken.

  • Refunds are not guaranteed and are at the exhibitors’ discretion. Exhibitors may offer an equal cost exchange, rather than a refund.

  • Items may appear slightly different to how they are viewed on the video, as lighting may affect their view. In these cases refunds or exchanges are at the discretion of the exhibitor, however, they are unlikely.

  • The Online Mineral and Fossil Show is not responsible for the delivery or damage of any items, nor can they offer refunds or the return of items should you wish to change your mind. This must be taken up with the exhibitor you purchased from.

Facebook Competitions

1. Facebook Competitions:

1.1. Each competition will run for the duration of the dates stated on the Facebook post.

1.2. A valid entry is defined by liking sharing and commenting on the post, or otherwise stated on the post.

1.3. A winner will be drawn at random and announced in a seperate post or contacted privately.

1.4. Any entries made after the closing time stated on the post, will not qualify.

1.5. The Online Mineral and Fossil Show (OMAFS) reserves the right to cancel/ remove the competitions at any point and without prior notice. OMAFS will not be held liable for any financial loss or value that directly relates to the removal of this promotion.

2. 40 Mineral Facebook Competition:

2.1. This competition runs from 26/04/2020 at 3pm (GMT) to 03/05/2020 at 3pm (GMT).

2.2. To have your entry counted, you must like, comment as many of the 40 minerals you can and share the post outside of the group.

2.3. The person with the largest number of correctly named minerals will win. 

2.4. In the event that there are multiple entries with the correct number, the names will be put into a bowl and one will be picked at random.

2.5. The winner will be contacted following the announcement.

2.6. Entries made after the closing time stated will not qualify.

2.7. The Online Mineral and Fossil Show reserves the right to cancel/ remove this promotion at any point and without prior notice- the Online Mineral and Fossil Show will not be liable for any financial loss or value that directly relate to the removal of this promotion.

3. 10% Vouchers Facebook Competition:

3.1. This competition will run exclusively in the Online Mineral and Fossil Show group (www.facebook.com/groups/omafs)

3.2. Each of the 6 exhibitors offer x10 vouchers worth 10% off each. (This exclude HA Design, they will instead be offering 10% off any purchases this weekend).

3.3. The vouchers will only be valid with the exhibitor identified. They will not be valid with any other exhibitor this weekend.

3.4. The vouchers are only valid inside the group and during the show hours of 10am-5pm on Saturday 5th September 2020 and 10am – 5pm Sunday 6th September 2020.

3.5. The 10% vouchers are not valid on the exhibitors websites, they are only valid on items shown within the exhibitors videos.

3.6. The 10% off vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or offer. They can only be used on items that at full price.

3.7. One voucher limit per winner.

3.8. The winners will be selected at random and messaged privately with a winning voucher.

3.9. You cannot trade or share your voucher to be used with other members or on other exhibitors stands.

3.10. The vouchers can be used for both Saturday 5th September 2020 and Sunday 6th September 2020.

3.11. If no correct guesses are made or not enough correct guesses are made, the winners will be selected at random based on completing the LIKE and SHARE aspect of the competition. If there are still not enough winners for each voucher, a large competition will be run on the Facebook page and Instagram page, to win the remaining vouchers. You can enter multiple competitions but cannot win more than one ticket.

3.12. This competition will run for the following schedule: GeoFossils (9am – 2pm 02/09/2020), Fairies & Pixies (3pm-8pm 02/09/2020), Harmony (9am - 2pm 03/09/2020), Elestial creations and Crystals of Eron (3pm - 8pm 03/09/2020), GaiasArt (9am - 2pm 04/09/2020) and Crystal Planet (3pm - 8pm 04/09/2020).

3.13. The Online Mineral and Fossil Show reserve the right to cancel/ remove this promotion at any point and without prior notice- the Online Mineral and Fossil Show will not be liable for any financial loss or value that directly relate to the removal of this promotion.